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The Southwest Public Radio | SWPR team of experienced producers prides itself to be standard-setting top-quality news, information and music programs. Listeners value Southwest Public Radio as a trusted source of valuable content.

Your Most Valuable Customers – Our Biggest Fans

Southwest Public Radio | SWPR listeners are savvy, engaged people who think, care and spend. They support local businesses, charities, the arts and local events. Make Southwest Public Radio | SWPR part of your marketing plan today – get results!

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Reach the best audience in all of media. As experience journalists and storytellers we’re committed to deliver a consistent product across multiple platforms – on-air, online and digital download – creating a richer experience for users and a more dynamic environment for sponsors.


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Members are a big deal at Southwest Public Radio | SWPR!

Because Southwest Public Radio | SWPR is member-supported, community-based public media, your contribution is a vital part of bringing news and music to your community.  Not only that, member support is our largest and most reliable source of revenue.  Nearly 40% of our annual operating budget comes from the generous support of our members. Consider becoming a member today.

Types of membership:

  • Member: any donation amount makes you a member of Southwest Public Radio | SWPR
  • Contributing Member: our monthly giving program.
  • Supporting Member: all gifts of $1,000 or more.

Other ways to give:

Looking for other ways you can help support Southwest Public Radio | SWPR? Here are some options you may not have thought about.

If you have questions about making a donation to Southwest Public Radio | SWPR or about a past donation, please contact the Southwest Public Radio | SWPR  Membership team.

Mailing your donation:
You may mail your donation to:
Southwest Public Radio
4960 South Gilbert Road, Suite 1-286
Chandler, AZ 85249

For more information about donations and charitable giving, contact Fidelity Charitable Planning Practice Management or download the Charitable Planning Guide


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When you visit these Southwest Public Radio | SWPR stores and affiliate sites, your purchase helps support the programs you enjoy.

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