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Giving Vehicle Comparison Chart

When considering donating your vehicle, keep in mind, you are not limited to using just one vehicle. People often map out a charitable plan that leverages several of these vehicles together.

Donor-Advised Funds 2
Private Foundations
Charitable Lead and
Remainder Trusts
Check, Cash
or Credit
Organizations you can support
IRS-qualified public charities
Many organizations and individuals, as long as the grant is made for a charitable purpose
IRS-qualified public charities and, generally, private foundations
Public charities, private foundations and individuals
Growth potential
 Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Donations of non-cash items
 Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Income tax deduction 1
50% for cash 30% for appreciated assets 3
30% for cash 20% for appreciated assets 4
Depends on the type of charity supported by the trust, and the type of trust
50% 5
Tax on investment income None
1% or 2% of net investment income
Depends on the nature of the trust
Option to support charities anonymously Yes No Yes No
Ability to name successors Yes Yes Yes No
Consider this when
You want a turnkey giving solution with low costs and the potential to grow tax free over time
You want to operate a charitable organization and potentially employ a staff, hire investment managers, actively manage grant making and sponsor charitable events
You want a trust that can generate income for, and eventually pass a remainder interest on to, heirs and charities
You want to make one-off donations and manage your own donation receipts at tax time

1 At a 501(c)(3) public charity.
2 Percentage of adjusted gross income (AGI).
3 Appreciated assets held over a year are generally deductible at fair market value (this applies to both publicly and non-publicly traded assets).
4 Appreciated, publicly traded assets held for over a year are generally deductible at fair market value, while non-publicly traded assets are generally deductible only at basis.
5 When donating to a public charity. 30% when donating to a private foundation.

The information of this pages was prepared by Fidelity Charitable Planning Practice Management. For more information, download the Charitable Planning Guide

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